We’ve partnered with the social enterprise Plastic Bank to help stop ocean plastic  in vulnerable coastal areas. This collaboration will fund the collection of more than 340 tonnes of ocean-bound plastic waste. Plastic Bank works with collection communities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, and Egypt, with high amounts of plastic waste that lack formal recycling infrastructure. 

How does Plastic Bank work?

Plastic Bank empowers collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas to collect plastic waste from local beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods, and households within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound waterways and coastlines, to help prevent plastic waste from entering the sea. The collected plastic is then used as ‘currency’ in exchange for secure income and life improving benefits including health, work and life insurance, digital connectivity, grocery vouchers, school supplies, fintech services, and more.      

By offering safe, secure, and traceable sources of income, Plastic Bank offers a path out of poverty for these collection communities. You can find out more about Plastic Bank at plasticbank.com