These free one to one consultations allow you to talk about your eye care needs, get help with your contact lenses or talk about hearing or hearing aid advice. Book your consultation by filling out the form below and then we’ll be in touch.

 If you’re a home visits customer, request a free RemoteCare appointment with your Specsavers Home Visits team here.

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Our store colleague will be in touch within 24 hours Monday to Friday. When we call you back let us know if you require a RemoteCare appointment.  Our RemoteCare appointments typically take place during store opening hours.

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Here’s a list of consultation topics

  • I’ve got a problem with my eyes
  • I need help with my contact lenses
  • I’d like to talk about my hearing or hearing aids

If you have a general query about your glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids; including if you need replacements or repairs, call your store and they will help, instead of using our RemoteCare service.

See our step-by-step guide to logging into your RemoteCare appointment here.