Just book an appointment in the normal way and we’ll be in touch to see if a RemoteCare consultation would be better.

How we can help with RemoteCare

‘I’ve got a problem with my eyes’

If you have any symptoms, like itchy or red eyes, or you’ve noticed a change in your vision, we can provide advice and let you know what to do next.

‘I need help with my contact lenses’

For any help or tips for contact lens wearers, like reminders on putting them in, taking them out or keeping them clean.

‘I think I have some hearing issues’

We can help with any issues to do with your general hearing health or any problems you might be having with your hearing aids.

‘I am a home visits customer’

No problem. You can talk to our experts remotely if you’d rather not have a home visit at the moment.

Things you’d need to come in for

‘I need an eye test’

If you need an eye test, it’s best to book in and see us in store where your optician can carry out all the checks you need.

‘I need a hearing test and have some wax build-up’

Our hearing services are back up and running in store, so you can book in to see our audiologists for a hearing test or earwax removal appointment.

Want some more information?

To find out more about our RemoteCare service, get in touch with your local store team.