Makeup with glasses: top tips to accentuate the eyes

Everyone can rock amazing eye make-up — whether you wear glasses, contact lenses, or none of the above. For glasses-wearers, makeup can be a great way to draw even more attention to your favourite feature. Still, there are a few must-know tips and tricks to ensure that your makeup compliments your frames, rather than clashes with them.

And who better to guide us on an eye-accentuating makeup look than beauty journalist and seasoned specs-wearer Nadine Baggot (@nadinebaggott). In a collaboration with Eyeko, Nadine shares her top tips for what products and techniques are best to highlight the eyes. Wearing glasses shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with different looks, especially when it comes to eye makeup, and Nadine has all the best tips:

Tip one: use a magnifying mirror

Since you won’t be able to wear your glasses while applying your eye makeup, you can use a magnifying mirror to give you a better view of things. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive, start off by applying your makeup with a very light hand. You can always go back in again and build upon your makeup afterwards.

Tip two: use an eye crayon

A mix between an eyeshadow and eyeliner, eye crayons are essential for creating a simple and quick eye look which still makes an impact. Select a colour which compliments your eyeshade: the Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Sugar & Spice is perfect for dark brown eyes, as the aubergine colour helps to make your eyes pop.

When applying, start at the base of the eyelid against the waterline and lightly colour the rest of the lid. Then go over the top of the eye and into the crease — this will give your eye fake definition and make them seem bigger. The super lightweight nature of the crayon means that it is easy to blend out. 

Next, use any clean eyeshadow brush and soften all the edges so there is a smooth finish. To finish the look, use a lighter crayon colour to add a highlight to your inner corner and outer corner of your eye, and under your brow. This accentuates the natural highlight on your face and adds dimension to your eye.

You could also match your shadow colour to your frame. Matching your glasses with your eyeshadow or hair colour would create a completed look. These Specsavers plum purple frames will match perfectly with the Sugar & Spice Shadow Stick.

Tip three: go heavy on the lash line

Adding a thick line along your lashes is another simple way to create depth in your look, and make your eyes appear larger. Instead of blending, take your eye crayon in a dark shade (black, brown or smokey grey) and line your top lash line to make your eyeshadow pop. If you want, you could also add a little to your waterline for a more rock and roll look, blending it out slightly for a smudged effect.

Tip four: perfect the cat’s eye eyeliner

Getting the perfect cat’s eye flick is one of beauty’s oldest and best-kept secrets… Until now, that is. The cat’s eye flick is a technique that, when mastered, is universally flattering. It enhances your lash line and opens up your eyes for a gorgeous result. No wonder it was a favourite of old Hollywood beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and remains a staple of make-up artists today...

Like us, you've probably spent way too long in front of a mirror trying to get your eyeliner flicks even, before giving up and starting all over again. Sound familiar? Thankfully, by using our make-up artists’ simple trick below, you can wave goodbye to wonky, lopsided eyeliner forever!

Step 1: Draw a dot in liquid eyeliner on the outside corner of your eye, depending on how high and far you want your cat’s eye flick to extend

Step 2: Using the dot as a marker, draw a straight line connecting the dot to your lower lash line. Then go back to your dot and draw another line – this time towards your upper lash line.

Step 3: Fill in the triangle shape you’ve created and blend along your upper lash line for the perfect cat’s eye flick!

Step 4: The glasses - We especially love this beauty look paired with ’50s-style cat’s eye glasses. Try these Specsavers EFIA frames, to draw attention to the eyes and create the illusion of high cheekbones.

Tip Five: curl your lashes to open the eye

No need to worry about the length of your eyelashes, eyelash curlers can create the illusion of long, curled lashes on anyone. This is also a pro tip if you find that your eyelashes hit against your glasses lenses. Curling them helps to lift the lash up and away from your glasses, while accentuating the natural shape of your eyes.

Take your curler, go to the base of your top lashes and push for a few seconds. Make sure all eyelashes have been curled, to emphasise this wide-eyed look. The Eyeko Eyelash Curler is a game-changer and its added cushion removes the worry of damaging your lashes whilst creating this effect.

Tip six: add lashings of mascara

Mascara adds the finishing touch to achieve any eye-catching look.

Gently guide the brush to follow the natural curl of your lashes. Apply a coat on the top lashes, then use the end of the brush to delicately apply some on the bottom lashes.

Note that you may need several coats on the top lashes to achieve the desired outcome — especially if you like a heavy, rock and roll style paired with some thick, chunky frames.

Any Eyeko Tubing Mascara is specifically designed with body-boosting brushes and ‘tubing’ technology to enhance any eye look and create an impacting finish.

Tip seven: finish off with some shimmering highlight

Emphasising your natural highlight by applying a metallic silver or light shimmer in the corner and on the edge of your eye will add the pop you need to accentuate your eyes. The Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in the shade Yin and Yang is perfect to add a hint of sparkle, especially if paired with sparkly frames. Once applied, blend out with your finger to finish the polished and effortless look.

Try out our frame styler tools

Glasses are fashionable and sexy and can accentuate the eyes when you choose the right makeup for them. Try to match your makeup with your hair and eye colour, and use your frames to balance out and elevate any look. You can even use our online tool to virtually try-on as many frames as you like to find out which suit you and your eye makeup best. 

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