2023 trends: What we’re wearing

In 2023, a range of new trends awaits you, catering to both statement-making individuals and those seeking a more subtle approach to their eyewear choices.

As the pandemic fades away and we move from our screens to reconnect with the real world, fashion enthusiasts are seeking solace in embracing new trends and refreshing their looks. So, as the year begins to play out, what fashion trends will come to the fore? And how can you get the look?

2023 Statement Styling

In 2023, statement styling takes centre stage as people are keen to embrace daring trends. With a newfound enthusiasm for bold fashion, now is the perfect time to try out striking frames like these Tommy Hilfiger glasses.

Embrace the bold look and get comfortable with it at home before flaunting them on any occasion, whether it's a virtual meeting or an in-person gathering. If you’re considering an even more daring look, opt for some bold red frames and you’ll be all the talk.

Chunky glasses

A strong, thick pair of glasses adds structure to the face and will give you a contemporary, stylish look. These chunky plastic glasses are a stylish option.

They feature a square shape that flares out slightly at the bottom for a subtly quirky effect. Metallic accents adorn the outer edge of the front for extra wow-factor.

Futuristic sunglasses

As fashion trends continuously evolve, it's high time that futuristic glasses made their comeback. Think metallic frames and structured angular designs, as well as dark tones like these Specsavers Turbot sunglasses.

Embrace an otherworldly aura with the Specsavers Sprinter frames, designed to give you an intergalactic feel. These sleek and futuristic frames are perfect for those who seek a bold and avant-garde style.

Bubble Sunglasses

Cloud-like sunglasses are all they hype this year. With a retro feel, these crystal-amber acetate frames have wide rims surrounding a deep rectangular lens. The deep-sided temples and visible glittery core wire make this an exceptionally bold look.

Earth Tones

Bring a natural element to your look with earth-toned frames. Experiment with trendy, stand-out browns, oranges, blues and greens. Brown shades will bring some warmth to your face, and greens shades will brighten your complexion.

These dainty, deep chocolate-brown tortoiseshell glasses from Marc Jacobs are ideal to achieve this look. The acetate plastic is finished with gold branding on the sides and a dipped bridge for an added spark.

What's next?

We hope you feel inspired to experiment with the 2023 fashion trends. If you are wondering which styles you would like this try this year, or which frames will compliment your hair colour and face shape, use our virtual try-on guide. The tool allows you to see what a pair of glasses would look like on you before you buy, perfect for online shopping.

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