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Meet our Spectacle Wearer of the Year finalists

Thousands of proud specs-wearers entered this year's Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition, showcasing their amazing glasses style and telling us why they love wearing their frames.

The entries were whittled down to our eight fantastic finalists who will compete to win the Spectacle Wearer of the Year title at a star-studded awards ceremony in October. 

Scroll down to meet each of this year's finalists and find out what wearing glasses means to them.  

Massimino Malacrino

"I wear my glasses all the time, I've even done extreme sports for charity wearing my glasses because the lenses are so good! For me, my glasses bring out more confidence and personality."

Nashwa Choudhury

"Glasses are a part of me, there's no me without glasses. I've been wearing glasses for about seven years and for me fashion is very important so I want to make sure that my glasses look good on me. I spend quite a lot of time finding the perfect pair."

Siân Cosker

"I love wearing statement glasses, I feel like they're as much a part of my look as my hair and tattoos. People often comment telling me that they love my glasses. My advice is to pick a style that you love, I think you should be proud to wear glasses."

Marcus Hunter-Neill

"I strongly believe that everyone should take pride in their glasses as they can make you look so chic and cool! As my drag persona Lady Portia Di'Monte I also wear glasses on stage as I feel they really add to your look and make a real fashion statement."

Nokwazi Merrygold Madondo

"I'm very new to wearing glasses. People say that I'm practicing my CEO look when I'm wearing my glasses. As soon as I started wearing them I realised what a difference they made and also how good they looked!"

Charles Douglas Barr

"I've worn glasses for most of my life, they're the first thing I put on in the morning. I think glasses are pretty fashionable now - I like to think about the style of my glasses rather than something that is just functional."

Maureen McGrath-Brown

"I started wearing glasses for reading around 25 years ago. Ever since I started wearing them they've become an accessory for me and part of my wardrobe. I think of getting new glasses in the same way as buying a new dress because if you buy glasses that fade into insignificance it's a waste!"

Katarzyna Ring

“My glasses are important to me, as thanks to them I can see the world in its full beauty and detail. On top of that, they’re like a beautiful piece of jewellery that I get to wear on my face.”