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Meet the designer: Tiffany Bachelet

Meet Tiffany Bachelet, one of the designers behind our brand new Design Collective range, showcasing the very best of fresh, British talent.

Tiffany is studying Product Design at the University of Dundee and decided to enter the Specsavers competition after deciding that she wanted to be able to wear her own designs. 

'I'm really inspired by Zaha Hadid, a female futuristic architect. I think all of her architecture is so different and eye-catching, I've always been really drawn to her designs.' 

'I'm really into fashion, but also technology, so the merging of the two industries is very interesting to me. I've also loved designing glasses so that's a new interest to add! I think new developments in technology design are changing all the time which is brilliant.' 

'My favourite material to work with is acrylic, I think it's such a beautiful and exciting material to craft. I really want my glasses to be for everyone, not gender specific. If you like the glasses, you should wear them and not worry about social constraints. My family have had a big impact on my career in design, they've helped me a lot.' 

Check out more from Tiffany @t_bachelet