We understand that not everyone is able to travel unaccompanied to have an eye test at their local optician. For those who are eligible, Specsavers can provide a free NHS-funded eye test in private homes, care homes or sheltered accommodation. Our team of visiting opticians will ensure that your home eye test is tailored to your specific needs, and conducted with the care and attention that you would expect in one of our stores.

Why choose a Specsavers visiting optician?

Specsavers is the only high street brand that offers a nationwide home visit service, and with our specially trained visiting opticians, your experience will be second to none. While your home eye test may differ a little from an in-store test, we’re proud to maintain the same high standards and quality of care.

High-quality home care

Our home visit opticians are dedicated to improving the quality of vision for everyone they visit at home, in care homes or in sheltered accommodation. We’ll carry out a full and thorough eye examination to assess your vision and check the overall health of your eyes. We recognise how important an updated glasses prescription or hospital referral is for a patient’s quality of life, so our visiting opticians are always attentive to their patient’s needs.

At Specsavers, the eyecare we provide doesn’t stop at the end of your eye test. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing, high-quality care for our customers, managing your prescriptions from home, and updating them as and when they need changing or replacing. 

Alzheimer’s and dementia-friendly

It can be confusing for some of our older people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-loss illnesses to have someone unfamiliar in their homes. To reduce any anxiety, Specsavers have partnered with Dementia Friends (an Alzheimer's society initiative) to ensure that each of our visiting opticians are trained to support the specific needs of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
For instance, to reduce feelings of stress or confusion, our visiting opticians will clearly explain each process to make sure that you and your loved one understand what is being tested. We will also avoid asking any questions that require subjective responses, as this can be difficult for some people to articulate. As always, we aim to create a calm and comfortable care environment for each of our patients at home. 

Find out more about how we can tailor home eye tests to support people with dementia.

Convenient and responsive services 

With more optical laboratories than any other care home service provider, we pride ourselves on the speed at which we can deliver your new prescription glasses to your home. We will send out your new glasses within three weeks of receiving your order, which is convenient for those who are unable to collect them from our stores. If you break or damage your glasses, we also have a 24-hour repair response service which aims to get your glasses fixed as quickly as possible, so they don't cause you too much inconvenience.

Caring and friendly opticians

Our visiting opticians are kind and friendly and do their best to accommodate your needs, making you feel comfortable in your home. The opticians will use plain language so that you are always aware of what is being tested at each stage, and will be attentive to any concerns you may have about your vision.

Services tailored to your needs

Our home eye tests are designed to fit around your individual needs. If you have trouble moving about your home or are bedbound, there’s no need to worry. Our visiting opticians can conduct your test where you feel most comfortable. In fact, they will usually test your eyes in the environment that you use most, using everyday points of reference (such as the distance from your armchair to the television) and taking into consideration typical lighting etc. in order to carry out our examination.

Support for specific eye conditions

Just as we would in-store, our visiting opticians are able to test for specific eye conditions at home and offer you support to help manage them. Our visiting opticians can conduct a number of tests for glaucoma and diabetic eye conditions within the home. If, during your test, your optician detects any symptoms that indicate a more serious condition, they can refer you to your GP or local hospital for further examination.

If you are recovering from an eye procedure such as cataract surgery, then aftercare is extremely important. Specsavers’ visiting opticians can check your eyes post-surgery as part of our normal home eye test if you are unable to visit the hospital.

Specialist equipment and technology

Specsavers use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that the eyecare you receive at home is of the same quality as our in-store tests. We use many of the instruments you are used to seeing in-store that have been designed specifically for use in the home. For example, your optician will use an electronic test chart or iPad to assess your vision within your home, or make use of portable equipment that can be easily used within your home.

You can find out more about our full home eye test process here.

Are you eligible for a free NHS-funded home eye test?

If you or someone you know is in need of a home eye test, our visiting opticians are here to help. Simply visit oureligibility page to see if you qualify for a free NHS-funded home visit, then request an appointment on ourhome eye tests page.