Getting your new hearing aids

Once you’ve chosen the hearing aids that best address your hearing loss, style requirements and budget, your hearing aid audiologist will arrange a time for you to have them fitted. This might be the same day as your hearing test if the hearing aids are in stock, or alternatively it can take up to two weeks for either an open-fit or custom-made product.  

If you choose an ‘in the ear’ style, a mould of your ear is taken to ensure your hearing aid fits perfectly. You only need impressions taken for custom-fit hearing aids or if you are having an ear mould made for your hearing aid.

A hearing aid fitting can take up to 45 minutes during which time the clinician will check the health of your ears, show you how to use and fit your hearing aids and programme them for your needs. 

What happens in the first few weeks?

Suddenly being able to hear again can be a bit overwhelming, that’s because you often lose your hearing gradually and your brain adapts accordingly. When you are fitted with your hearing aids you get an instant benefit, but you will need time to adjust to hearing again.

Your clinician will talk you through ways of getting used to your hearing aids by wearing them more and more each day – this allows your brain to retrain itself to hear sounds at a louder level.

If your hearing aid fits in the ear, you’ll also need to adapt to any feelings of your ears being ‘blocked’.

The clinician will book an appointment for two weeks after your fitting, which will either be by phone or face-to-face, to check how you’re getting on with your hearing aids and to see if you require any further adjustments. 

How long does it take to adjust?

It can take up to 12 weeks to fully adjust to your hearing aids – during this time your brain will retrain itself to acknowledge sounds around you at a louder level. The aim is to wear the hearing aids as often as possible to give you the best chance of adjusting. 

What happens if my hearing aids don’t feel right?

If your hearing aids don’t feel right just get in touch with your store. Our hearing aid package comes with free aftercare – we want you to have the best experience possible with your hearing aids.