We have pulled together some helpful tips and answers to questions about your hearing aids here. If we haven’t covered what you’re after, get in touch with your local store for some advice. 

How to clean your hearing aids

It’s important to keep your hearing aids clean and free from wax to make sure you can always hear clearly. You should clean your hearing aids daily using a soft dry cloth. You can also use a small delicate brush to ensure that wax is cleaned from the mould, filters and domes. 

Cleaning kits are available in all our stores and can be sent out to you at home. Further guidance on cleaning your hearing aids can be provided over the phone by our teams in store.

How to change your batteries

  • Open the battery compartment and take out the old battery
  • Take a new battery from the pack and remove the plastic foil tab (make sure you leave the battery for two minutes to allow it to activate fully)
  • Carefully place the battery inside the battery door and close it again 

A battery will only fit one way around, so if the door won’t close it may be because the plus and minus are the wrong way around. Don’t force it, but just check the battery is in the correct way and try again.

Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aids have different types of batteries that come in different shapes and sizes. Battery life will depend on how long you use your hearing aids and what you use them for (for example, wireless streaming will drain batteries faster).

Smaller size 10 batteries can last between 3-5 days and size 13 batteries can last up to three weeks per cell. Some hearing aids are rechargeable, so you can charge them up overnight and they’ll be ready to use the next day.

If you run out of batteries for your hearing aids, please contact your local store and we’ll make sure they’re sent out to you in the post. Or you can buy your hearing aid batteries online.

There are four main types of hearing aid battery which have a specific code and colour on the packaging (listed below).

10a – Yellow
312 – Brown
13 – Orange
675 – Blue

If you have your battery code to hand or the colour shown on your battery card, this will help us know which batteries you need. Don’t worry if you don’t know which battery you need, our teams will be able to work it out for you.

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My hearing aid isn’t working

If your hearing aid isn’t working, don’t worry, we will be able to help you.

But first, you can try a few simple checks:

  • Check that you have a fresh battery and the battery door is fully closed. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, then make sure they’ve got a full charge.
  • Check your domes, ear moulds or sound tubes to make sure they are clear from wax or moisture blockages. If you need them, we have hearing aid drying or cleaning kits in store that we can send out to you.
  • Check your hearing aid is on the correct program. You can reset this by turning it off and on again.
  • If sound is distorted, try a new battery and check that there is no moisture in the tubing.
  • If your hearing aid is whistling, check that the dome or mould is inserted correctly and sitting in the ear canal.

 If you still need further support or your hearing aid is broken, you can call our team in store for help. 

Replacement domes and wax filters

If you are in isolation and you need new domes and wax filters, we can arrange for these to be posted out or delivered to you if they can’t be collected by a family member or friend. Just call your local store and we will arrange this for you.

Lost hearing aids

If you have lost your hearing aid and you are in isolation, please give us a call. We can arrange for a replacement hearing aid to be sent out with your latest settings on it, which we keep on our computers in store. We can then arrange for the hearing aid to be delivered to you.

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