Specsavers has always aimed to passionately provide best value eyecare and hearcare to everyone. That’s why we work with Geemarc to help even more people improve the quality of their hearing.

Geemarc has the biggest range of hearing devices in Europe. Great products, combined with the support of a UK-based helpline, ensure that you get the best products available for your hearing.

All Geemarc products include a two-year warranty and a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Volume control

CL7310 – hear the television at a personalised level

The Geemarc CL7130 ensures that the television is at a volume level that suits everyone in the house. It is exceptionally light and allows you to adjust the volume and the television tone for simple, easy hearing.

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Cordless phone

Amplidect 400 – amplified cordless telephones that interface with your hearing aids

With the Amplidect 400, you can give and receive calls directly from your hearing aids. The Amplidect 400 also has flashing lights, a loud ringer, and even a vibrating handset if you want to be discreetly notified of an incoming call.

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Amplified phone

CL100 – amplified corded telephones that are loud, simple, and easy-to-use

The CL100 from Geemarc is everything that an amplified telephone should be. It’s loud and clear, and the built-in flashing light and extra loud ringer will ensure that you do not miss any more calls.

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Wake and shake

Wake ’n’ Shake – alerting devices for all your needs around the home

The Geemarc Wake ‘n’ Shake is the ideal solution for anyone who has a problem hearing the alarm clock.

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