Does it matter?

Comfortable hearing aids are just as important as great sounding ones because it means you will be able to wear your hearing aids all the time and therefore get the most benefit. Of course, comfort and style will also be impacted by your lifestyle – there’s no point having a hearing aid that gets in the way if you play a lot of sports.

When you come to choose your hearing aid, our professional audiologists will ask all about your lifestyle to determine the right fit and features you might require as well as what will suit your budget and hearing loss.

Active lifestyles

If you’re a sporty/outdoorsy person then you’ll want hearing aids that remain secure and comfortable in all weathers and if you wear a helmet or if you’re in to contact sports. In this case an ‘in-ear’ hearing aid would probably be the most suitable.

Hearing aids aren’t waterproof so you can’t wear them when swimming but they are water resistant so that means you can wear them in the gym or out on a run.

Travelling lifestyles

If you’re travelling frequently, you want to ensure that your hearing aids stay charged and ready to wear – especially if you’re on the go for more than 24 hours at a time.

This might mean using battery hearing aids and taking spare batteries with you so that you don’t have to worry about recharging on the go and needing plug adaptors. Battery operated hearing aids also help when you’re transitioning from one time zone to another and are awake when you might ordinarily have your hearing aids on charge.

The other option however is to use rechargeable hearing aids that come with a portable recharging pack. This will need to be taken out at airport security and, of course, will need recharging itself at some point but it will give you a couple of days’ power on the go - depending on use.

Office lifestyles

If you work in an office you might need your hearing aids to adapt to different scenarios from dropping out the background noise of the office, to one-to-one meetings and larger get-togethers. In some cases, you can also get hearing aids that will stream phone calls wirelessly from your mobile phone and even music if you need a bit of downtime to get on with your work.

Casual lifestyles

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a catch up with friends in a busy pub, our hearing aids have the ability to adapt to various scenarios either automatically or via a smartphone-controlled app. If you prefer a quiet night in, then you can also stream TV and music direct to your hearing aids with some models.

Still not sure which hearing aid is the best for you? Chat to our team in store and they’ll work with you to find the most suitable options.