In line with official guidance we continue to maintain safety measures to keep our customers and colleagues safe. 

(Last updated 7th August 2023)

Here's what we're doing

With continuing guidance some of our store teams will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as required for their protection as well as yours. We also ask you to wear a face covering during your appointment when you come in to
see us.

After each person we see in our test rooms, we are thoroughly disinfecting the room and all the testing equipment used during the hearing appointment, ready for the next appointment.

If you’ve got an appointment booked, but you’re not feeling well or you have any recent onset or new respiratory symptoms, we’d ask that you don’t come in until you’re feeling better. We’ll make sure to arrange for a later date.

Advice on wearing face coverings in your appointment

What counts as a face covering?  

Face coverings are items (usually made of cloth) that can be used to cover your mouth and nose in public, through which you can breathe. Common types of face covering include bandanas, scarves, pashminas and religious head coverings. Medical and cloth face masks also fall under the category of face coverings, although you do not need to invest in one of these in order to follow government guidance. 

Our team are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about face coverings, so just call your local store before your visit. 

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