Want to recycle your old glasses? You can now do so in-store thanks to our partnership with MYgroup, a recycling and waste disposal company, that will turn your old glasses into something different.

How does the recycling process work?

  1. Pop your old glasses in the recycling box in store.
  2. Once full, the recycling boxes are collected by MYgroup and transported to its plastics recycling division in Hull.
  3. The contents are manually and mechanically sorted to separate out plastics and metals (for example, hinges and screws from glasses). 
  4. Plastic material is mechanically shredded and sent to the board mill, which creates three layers of shredded plastic – two skin layers and a core.
  5. The shredded plastic is heated and pressed into each layer, and then the three layers are heated and pressed into a strong, durable and 100% recycled board, ready for a multitude of uses. 
  6. The recycled plastic boards are an ideal replacement for plywood and are used in construction, shopfitting, joinery and more. The MYgroup team also design and create a wide range of items made from the recycled plastic boards, including furniture and home and gardenware.

For more information about MYgroup and the recycling services they provide, please go to their website.