Digital screens are a big part of our daily lives these days, whether that’s a phone, tablet, computer screen or any other device. There are a range of glasses out there designed to help with computer use, but if you’re a varifocal wearer, then SuperDigital lenses might be a great option for you, especially if you regularly switch between different screens throughout the day. 

Three distance zones

Varifocals are made up of three different lens powers: one for near vision, one for intermediate, and one for distance. So you can wear one pair of specs all day to easily transition between different tasks, while keeping your vision clear. 

Designed with your phone in mind

Unlike traditional varifocals, SuperDigital lenses have an adapted near zone to cater for the closer, higher position we hold our phones in. This allows you to comfortably switch between reading, checking your phone and looking across the room to the TV. No need to tip your head to find the clearest spot in your lenses.

Anti-screen glare

They also come with our UltraClear SuperClean treatment which helps to reduce reflections from screens, keeping your vision clear and comfortable. 

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