SuperBoost is our new lens type for people who have been diagnosed with the early signs of presbyopia, but who are not yet ready for a varifocal lens.

Think of it as a useful stepping stone to multifocal lenses that will help with reading etc in the meantime.

What are SuperBoost lenses?

SuperBoost lenses offer distance vision and then a ‘boost’ area that sits 8mm below the pupil centre to help with close-up vision.

Wearing SuperBoost will feel more like a single-vision lens than a varifocal lens because in SuperBoost 0.50 and 0.75 the power is very low. The lenses will feel natural and will support with close up tasks until it’s time to progress to multi-vision glasses.

Is SuperBoost not just a varifocal lens?

No, a varifocal has a clear pathway throughout the lens where the prescription smoothly changes from distance to intermediate and near, giving the wearer vision across multiple working distances.

SuperBoost has two viewing distances, the lower section offering a gentle boost for close-up viewing.

Chat to an optician in store to find out if SuperBoost could help you

Noticed a change in your vision?

Adults aged 40-55 are more likely to feel the effects of presbyopia. It’s nothing to worry about, and it’s easy to work presbyopia around your lifestyle. With symptoms ranging from blurry vision and eye strain to headaches — it’s best to have your eyesight checked by an optician if you have any concerns.

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