We take your eyes seriously and we know that you do too, which is why we have a range of prescription safety glasses available to wear in place of your normal glasses when you’re doing jobs around the house and garden.

DIY results in thousands of eye injuries

Vision Matters reports that there are more than 30,000 eye injuries caused each year as a result of DIY. The most common being pieces of flying debris going into the eye or paint/chemicals being splashed into the face.  Many of these injuries could be avoidable by wearing a proper mask and using adequate safety glasses.  

How to protect your eyes while doing DIY

Painting and decorating

If you’ve ever worn your glasses while painting, you’ll see just how much splashes into your face and even beneath your lenses. If you’re using paint stripper you risk severe damage to your eyes if they’re unprotected.  

Aside from being an annoyance to have to regularly clean your glasses properly, it just goes to show how much paint can get in your eyes which can cause various degrees of damage.  

Drilling, hammering and sanding

It’s inevitable that dust and debris will be caused when drilling, especially into masonry, likewise sanding creates a lot of dust, even hammering will cause fragments to fly off.  

If you’re lucky the most you’ll get is itchy eyes with all the dust, in the worst case the dust can be corrosive or larger pieces of debris could penetrate your eye.


Hedge cutting, sawing, strimming, using weed killers, mowing the lawn and even just pruning, there’s a variety of ways in which your eyes need full protection while in the garden.  

Anyone who’s strimmed over a bramble or mown over a stick, knows just how fast projectiles can fly from the machinery (and how much it stings when it hits your face). Likewise an ill-timed branch to the face can cause serious eye injuries.  

In most cases of DIY, the correct safety goggles can be worn to protect your eyes, these can also be worn over your glasses or contact lenses. Or if you find it annoying to wear your frames beneath goggles, you can get prescription safety glasses.   

Prescription safety glasses for DIY

Our scratch-resistant safety glasses can be worn in place of your own glasses, which means you won’t need to double-up with goggles over your normal glasses – or solely rely on your normal glasses to protect your eyes.   

Each lens has undergone a variety of safety tests, and the frames all have side shields. This makes them ideal for DIY, gardening, hobbies and other activities during which you need to protect eyes from chemicals, sparks, metal fragments and machinery. 

The lenses come in glass, plastic and polycarbonate (please note only the metal frames support the glass option). All our safety glasses conform to EN166 S and EN166 F specifications and are all British Standards kitemarked.  

Alongside our own range of safety glasses, we also have a collection by JCB.