Your contact lens store visit

A contact lens appointment is slightly different to your usual eye test but just as important, especially if you’re just getting started with contact lenses. Here’s what will usually happen when you come in for a contact lens consultation.

What to expect in a contact lens appointment

Before your contact lens consultation begins, your optician will talk you through what type of lens would most suit your lifestyle, and the best option for you, such as daily disposable, monthly disposable and continuous wear lenses.

You won’t need another eye test, but the optician will want to check the front surface of your eyes to make sure there’s nothing to stop you wearing contact lenses safely and comfortably.

If you already wear contact lenses, you’ll need to wear them to your appointment – unless you’re experiencing any irritation or discomfort.

Then, the optician checks to see that the lenses fit well and tests vision, as well as one further check to make sure they’ll stay comfortable.

Once the optician is happy that the lenses are right, you’ll be handed over to an optical advisor, who will talk you through everything you need to know as a new contact lens wearer.

Need an eye test?

To get the most out of your contact lens appointment you’ll need to have had an eye test within the last two years. That way we can ensure you’re getting the most out of your contact lenses.

Free contact lens trial

We’ll start you off with a five-day free trial to see how you get on, then we’ll ask you to come back in a few weeks’ time to check you’re still happy with your choice.