With a range of high-performing contact lens products and a variety of technologies, it’s not surprising that ACUVUE® is a popular contact lens brand.

We offer a range of different ACUVUE lenses, and you can read all about them below.


ACUVUE Moist 1-day contact lenses have a high level of built-in UV protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Johnson & Johnson’s LACREON® technology enables these lenses to hold a moisture-rich ingredient to keep eyes feeling fresh and hydrated all day – and even at the end of the day.

These daily disposable lenses are the most cost-effective in our ACUVUE range. At just £30 for 30 pairs or £15 per box, they’re an ideal option for those new to contacts who want all-day comfort as well as convenience.


Available in either twice monthly versions or daily disposables, 1-day ACUVUE Oasys benefit from HYDRALUXE™ technology, which works with the eye’s natural tear film to reduce dryness and tired eyes. The lenses also include built-in UVA and UVB protection and are made from silicone hydrogel which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through into the eyes.

These lenses are best suited for those who spend lots of time using digital devices or in dry environments with air conditioning. At £42 for 30 pairs or £21 per box, these daily disposables are an affordable option for those that place much demand on their eyes.

ACUVUE Multifocal

Ideal for people with varifocal or bifocal prescriptions, 1-day ACUVUE Multifocalprovides freedom from glasses by enabling the wearer to see objects, both close-up and far away, clearly and seamlessly. These lenses are part of the ACUVUE Moist family, offering the benefit of comfort and convenience.

ACUVUE Oasys for Astigmatism

Especially for people with astigmatism, these single-use contact lenses feature a unique design to keep them in place with every blink. Available as twice monthly or daily lenses, ACUVUE Oasys for Astigmatism lenses are made from silicone hydrogel to allow more oxygen into the eyes. They also benefit from HYDRALUXE™ technology to keep the eyes moist, even in demanding air-conditioned environments or when staring at digital devices for long periods. These are priced slightly higher than others in the ACUVUE range, at £25 for 30 lenses, due to their unique qualities

Considering contact lenses?

If you’ve never worn contacts before, you might be surprised by the choice that’s available to you. If that’s the case, head over here to learn more . Alternatively, book an appointment with your optician, who will explain the types that are most suitable for you, based on the health of your eyes, your requirements and your budget.


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