Hearing Services
at Specsavers

Hearing Services
at Specsavers

Specsavers is a qualified provider of audiology services. We only use fully-trained hear care clinicians and we set ourselves exceptionally high standards of clinical practice and customer service which is supported by our customer satisfaction figures.

We have the experience and capability to deliver a high-quality service while maintaining the highest standards of patient care. We now service areas covering 110 CCGs. Since 2006 we have completed more than 500,000 patient contacts, with referral to assessment within 16 days.

Specsavers is committed to delivering a service based on NHS core principles, providing care that is free at the point of delivery and based on clinical need, not the ability to pay.

As of 2017, we have been accredited by the NHS to provide adult hearing care and hearing aids under 28 contracts across England.

‘The NHS scheme has the potential to deliver substantial benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. From the patient’s perspective, being able to access a free, high-quality service on the high street, delivered in conjunction with the NHS, is very appealing, as it enhances both choice and convenience – for example, locality, opening times and the availability of appointments.’

Dr Nicholas Summerton - GP and RCGP clinical commissioning champion

Measuring success

The Department of Health recommended that a review of patient outcomes would be available from 2013. Specsavers collects its own patient outcome and satisfaction data to share with its partner GP practices quarterly. Currently, more than 98% of patients are satisfied or very satisfied with their booking and appointment experience at Specsavers.

Customer Satisfaction Figures

From April 2016 through to May 2017, 70,672 people completed the patient satisfaction survey over the phone. This accounts for some 64.43% of our patients in this period.

  • 91.72% of patients told us they were extremely satisfied with our service
  • 99.91% of these patients told us that they were satisfied or very satisfied with our service.
  • 99.92% of patients told us that they would recommend other people to Specsavers for NHS Hearing aids

Wax removal

Specsavers also provides a wax removal service.

The favoured method of wax removal is now micro suction which previously was only carried out in a hospital ENT department. Many CCGs are considering offering wax removal as a commissionable service in the community so it may be worth checking to see what is available in your local area.

Specsavers offer micro suction as a private service in their high street stores. In terms of referring patients for earwax removal, if you have a clear view of the tympanic membrane and any wax is minimal and light in color then there is usually no need to refer. For ear canals that are more than 50% full of wax and particularly if it is dark in colour a referral for removal is probably appropriate.

Patient resources

The following may be of use to your patients in understanding their hearing loss:

How the ear works Benefits of good hearing

Audiology Education booking

Specsavers has launched a practice-level GP education programme to better inform GPs about age-related hearing loss and the outcomes being achieved in the community. Our local clinical leads are on hand to offer a 30-minute, locally-tailored, practice-level education session for GPs, practice managers, nurses and administrative staff.

Since the programme was launched, more than 3,500 GPs have undertaken the Audiology Education training within their practice.

To book an Audiology Education session, please email gg.nhsservices@specsavers.com

How to refer your patients

Referral Options:

  • NHS e-referral
  • Patients can book online or on the phone
  • Direct booking into a Specsavers store diary from your practice

Benefits of e-Referral:

  • Better use of available services
  • Better access to information and services
  • Improved patient journey and experience
  • Cost base for assessment and referral to care much reduced
  • Referral to the most appropriate local service in the area

NHS e-Referral is the simplest and most widely used method for referring patients. Most GPs typically arrange the referral during the patient appointment, which is best for the practice and the patient.

The e-Referral service has facilities to match your patients with hearing services in your area, by highlighting date, time and postcode availability giving them a better service and delivering tangible benefits.