Two free pairs of kids’ glasses

Two free pairs of kids’ glasses

Two free pairs of glasses for your child. Second pair including free prescription sunglasses

At Specsavers all glasses in our kids’ £64 and teens’ £85 ranges are free with under-16s’ NHS funding. And now, Specsavers will give you a second pair from the £64 or £85 range, free. Both pairs can come with SuperTough Trivex® single vision lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment. Or you can choose to have tinted prescription lenses and UV filter free in your second pair.

We have a fantastic range of children’s glasses to choose from, with fun designs including Moshi Monsters, Disney Princess, Star Wars, LEGO®, The Simpsons and many more. We also have some seriously stylish frames in our designer teens’ range that never fail to impress and as an alternative to the two free pairs offer, you could take advantage of our designer glasses for teens from £14 offer.

Plus under-16s get a free NHS eye test.

Why you should have your child’s eyes tested soon

At Specsavers, we understand the importance of eye health and clear vision at all ages, including the young. A child’s first eye test should take place at around three years old. They don’t have to be able to read, thanks to special charts, shapes, picture books and other exciting materials that the optician can use instead.

Thankfully, serious vision problems during childhood are rare, but having your child’s eyes tested at an early age allows our opticians to diagnose and treat any potential issues as soon as possible. Waiting until after your child has started school might hamper their learning and development. It is also harder to correct any vision problems which may have developed.

Children accomplish as much as 80% of learning through sight during their first 12 years. So help them do their best at school and have your child’s eyes tested at Specsavers. Remember, eye tests are free with under-16s’ NHS funding.


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Kids’ two free pairs of glasses and free eye test
  • One pair of glasses from our kids’ £64 range or teens’ £85 ranges free with under-16s’ NHS funding
  • Second pair from the £64 range or £85 range paid for by Specsavers
  • Both pairs come with SuperTough lenses or the second pair can come with tinted prescription lenses and UV filter, free
  • Free eye test for under-16s
  • Offer available in the UK only