Hearing aids

Hearing aids at Specsavers

At Specsavers, we have a range of affordable digital hearing aids which are designed to meet every level of hearing loss. Our qualified hearing professionals have years of experience to help you choose the hearing aids that are right for you, and ensure that you receive the quality hearing care you need.

Digital hearing aid range

Digital hearing aid range

Our advance range of digital hearing aids starts at £495 and comes with two digital hearing aids, four years’ worth of batteries and a four-year guarantee included in the price.

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Free NHS digital hearing aids at Specsavers

You may live in an area where you can get free NHS digital hearing aids at Specsavers. Click here to find out.

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Hearing aid features and benefits

Modern digital hearing aids have many features and benefits. Here’s a glossary to help you understand what some of them do.

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How hearing aids work

Modern digital hearing aids are small, clever devices that can be specifically programmed to your needs by one of our qualified hearing professionals. Find out how they work.

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Choosing hearing aids

Our qualified hearing professionals will ensure that you get the right hearing aid for you and not just the most expensive one. Plus, they’ll make sure that you receive the quality hearing care you need.

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At Specsavers, once you are fitted with one of our hearing aids, you get full and comprehensive aftercare, free.

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Hearing protection

Not only do we supply digital hearing aids, we also offer specialised hearing protection products designed for use in specific environments where noise-related hearing loss is a potential risk.