Kids’ Glasses

Finding the right glasses for your child

We know how important it is for children to feel happy and confident when they are wearing their glasses. That’s why we offer a wide range of kids’ glasses featuring popular characters from children’s films and cartoons, including Star Wars™, LEGO, Moshi Monsters, Disney Princess and The Simpsons. We also offer a variety of different coloured frames for boys and girls and a kids’ sunglasses range too.

All of the children’s glasses available at Specsavers are included in our Kids 2 Free Pairs offer.


Moshi Monsters 01

Luvli likes to look her best and is certainly girly at heart. The side of these pink metal frames feature Luvli springing in the air in joy. The perfect glasses to look Luvli in. SKU 25656763.
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Moshi Monsters 03

These gorgeous, bright red, rectangular frames feature three of the most popular Moshi Monsters on the sides – Katsuma, Poppet and Diavlo. The arms are also dotted with glittering star cut outs and have orange tips. Really cool. SKU 25656787
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Rich forest green in colour and with a modern rectangular frame, these glasses for boys will really complement hazel or blue eyes. Together with the mixed green LEGO brick pattern on the arms, the young wearer’s friends will certainly be green with envy.
SKU 25437560
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These sweet oval-shaped glasses look great on girls. The soft burgundy frames with pink and mauve arms and a bead of LEGO yellow on each, make these glasses very cute.
 SKU 25437522
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Star Wars 04

Midnight blue in colour, this flat sheet metal frame is a great shape for the face. The branding on the sides adds to the appeal of this boys’ frame. Stormtrooper-cool. SKU 25385502
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Star Wars 07

This deep, rectangular, matt grey metal Star Wars' frame has bright orange branding and tips. The contrast between the matt grey and orange is really stylish. The size of this children's frame is larger than average and will fit some young teenagers too.
SKU 25656947
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For those who have an affinity with Rapunzel, in the Disney film Tangled, this oval-shaped, decorative, pink frame will be a popular choice. The high definition print on the acetate plastic sides features hearts, starfish, stars and Rapunzel’s loveable and trusted friend, the cute little chameleon, Pascal. SKU 25657005
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Kids 49

Kids 49

This square-shaped frame is made of a semi-translucent, matt-finish, tortoiseshell acetate plastic that is smooth to touch and extra comfortable to wear. The thin, tapered sides enhance the overall classic style while the adjustable nosepads enable this frame to fit most faces. SKU 25658361
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Simpsons 08

These cute glasses are ideal for Lisa Simpson fans. The vibrant, metallic red frame is beautifully decorated with white and green flower engravings and a picture of Lisa holding a flower. The finishing touch is a small, red cut-out in the shape of Lisa’s hair on each of the white temple tips. SKU 25658408
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Gruffalo 02

Be enchanted by the Gruffalo’s Child with this charming oval-shaped, dusky purple metal frame. Each side is printed with a multi-coloured polka dot pattern, featuring the Gruffalo’s Child in the centre. The dual-coloured acetate plastic temple tips are grape purple on the exterior and a rich teal on the interior, complete with a silver leaf inlay on each temple tip.
SKU 25667578
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Room On The Broom 01

This bewitching, oval-shaped, acetate plastic frame has a triple layer of colour in rich navy blue, white candy-stripe and powder blue. Magical design details include a circular disc with a picture of the witch and her loveable cat on the side, engraved, yellow in-filled stars and a cute star cut-out on the temple tips.
SKU 25667547
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Kids Flexi 40

An adorable raspberry red, oval-shaped metal frame with beautiful heart details and two-tone maroon red and magenta pink acetate plastic temple tips. Different sized baby pink coloured hearts are printed on the sides and complemented with a magenta pink heart cut-out on the temple tips. SKU 25666731
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Kids Flexi 36

A funky, rectangular-shaped, satin charcoal grey, flat metal frame with a digital feel. The side is printed with blocks of blue, teal and green squares. The midnight blue acetate plastic temple tips complement the colour scheme. This slightly larger style is ideal for broader faces. SKU 25666755
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Simpsons 07

A super cool Simpsons frame for little dudes, these glasses feature Bart Simpson as 'Bartman', his superhero alter-ego. Bats are in the background, whilst Bart stands strong in the foreground of the frame, complete with purple cape and mask. Terrifying? Not really. SKU 25658392
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Kids 42

The front of this frame has a graduated purple colour that looks great against the coral pink on the inside and edges. The temple tips also have bright coral pink socks. The frame also has flex-hinges for comfort and durability. SKU 25391374
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Kids 45

This neat, purple girls' frame has cool, purple acetate plastic sides. These sides have been laser-etched to reveal the second lilac layer, in pretty heart shapes. Dotted heart discs also adorn the frame. SKU 25656930
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