The Best Pub category in the Western Gazette Taste Awards 2014 has been sponsored by Specsavers in Yeovil. 

Somerset pubs have to raise their game

Somerset pubs are ‘enormously important to the local community’, according to the Yeovil Specsavers store director, Jerry Shrubb.

Mr Shrubb says a lot of the pubs have had to raise their game to survive in Somerset because they have to attract customers from a wider area. 

Keeping up standards

‘We have some of the best pubs in the country here, serving fantastic food and local ale. It’s no wonder that they all have to maintain a high standard of service as they’re trying to bring in customers from areas such as small villages. 

‘I’ve worked at Specsavers in Yeovil for 23 years and we’re proud to be highlighting other local businesses with our sponsorship.’

The Western Gazette Taste Awards 2014 event will take place on Monday 8 September.

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