For many eye conditions, symptoms can be difficult to spot, often leading to common, treatable eye problems going unnoticed and untreated. As a result, Specsavers in Yate are highlighting the importance of regular eye examinations – which are recommended at least every two years – for people of all ages, as part of regular health checks.

Eyes must be part of an overall health check
A routine eye examination will be able to determine whether or not your sight needs correcting, in addition to picking up any eye conditions which might be present, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. In many cases, people often won’t associate symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes or blurry vision with certain eye or health conditions. However, regular eye examinations ensure that if a patient is experiencing any symptoms, a diagnosis can be made early on and treatment can start as soon as possible.

A visit to your local opticians every two years is recommended
‘Regular eye examinations really are essential for people of all ages as they are able to pick up on a whole range of conditions,’ said Jane Morgan, store director. ‘Common issues, such as glaucoma and diabetes, through to less common diseases or diagnoses including eye cancer and brain tumours, can be detected by a routine eye check, but thankfully such cases are rare.

Our vision impacts almost every aspect of our lives, so it’s important we do our best to maintain good eye health, and diagnosing any problems early means we can treat conditions as soon as possible,’ added Jane.

Age can increase chances of certain eye problems
As we get older, our eyes can become more susceptible to certain problems and waiting until a condition is noticeable can often be too late, particularly if the condition typically doesn’t show any symptoms. For children, around 80% of learning is through their eyes, making healthy vision crucial to their development. For over 40s, meanwhile, presbyopia or blurred vision is a common condition which affects everyone sooner or later, but is easily corrected.

Whatever the result of your eye examination, the dedicated team at Yate Specsavers is on hand to offer a friendly and helpful service seven days a week.

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