It’s widely recognised that exposing our bodies to UV rays is extremely bad for our skin, but how can we protect our delicate eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays? 


Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause a painful irritation to the cornea at the front of the eye and in extreme circumstances, this can lead to cancer of the cornea, age related macular degeneration, cataracts or even blindness. 


Here are some tips on keeping your eyes protected from the sun: 

  • Check that your sunglasses comply with BSEN 1836: 1997 or bear the CE kite mark and are marked UV 400
  • If you already have sunglasses, take them into your local optician to be UV tested (most Specsavers stores offer this service)
  • If you are going on holiday and have prescription sunglasses, take your optician’s phone number with you. If your sunglasses break, your optician can send your prescription to an optician near you so you can get new frames abroad
  • Invest in photochromic lenses that instantly adapt to light changes, darkening in bright light. Alternatively, get prescription lenses tinted to minimize the amount of UV rays that reach your eyes 
  • By adding polarised lenses you can decrease the amount of glare which can dazzle and strain your vision; particularly useful when you are by the pool or participating in outdoor sports
  • For driving, Specsavers UltraDrive lenses provide excellent eye protection in bright light by blocking out all UV light and up to 92% of blue light, making colours appear sharper. They also conform to European driving guidelines

Choosing your frames 

Specsavers has a full range of stylish sunglasses in store which are available for free in the two for one offer.  Staff will also be on hand to advise you about protecting your eyes and finding your perfect frames. 

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