Amanda Pedder has worked for Specsavers for 18 years, with roles in a variety of different aspects of the company.  After gaining an impressive amount of experience and knowledge, Amanda took her biggest step yet, becoming the retail director for 3 stores in the North West, including Wythenshawe.


When asked about her journey with the company, Amanda says: 'My first job was with the company, and I enjoyed a varied career in both Rochdale and Oldham for 8 years.  More recently, I’ve worked with the retail support team across the North West and Yorkshire, supporting partners and teams to grow and drive their businesses forward.'

It’s no surprise that Amanda knows the company inside and out, and it’s this level of experience which made the role of director the natural next step for her. 

Next steps

Speaking about her new role, Amanda says: 'Being a retail director is incredibly varied, and no two days are the same.  Ultimately, I lead the retail side of the business with the aim of providing the very best in optical customer service.'

“During my time with the company I’ve worked with countless different stores, teams and directors.  So being the director of three stores, it was no surprise to me to learn just how unique each store is.  Each has its own needs, own business plans, and it’s this which keeps my job rewarding and interesting.”

Dream teams

Still, despite the different roles and responsibilities she’s had throughout her time with the company, Amanda says the best part of the company has remained the same: “The teams I have and currently work with really make a huge difference, and they’ve made me feel very comfortable and at home during my whole time at Specsavers.”

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