A woman’s life has been saved after Specsavers in Worthing discovered signs of a tumour in her brain.

Signs of a potential tumour

48 year-old UK market office manager, Tracy Lees, who lives with her husband and two giant schnauzers in Worthing, had a sight test at Specsavers in Worthing where optometrist Jasvinder Sarao detected symptoms of a potential tumour.

Tracy says: ‘My eyesight has been perfect all my life, but as I’ve got older I realised I need glasses and went to my local Specsavers.

‘I had been wearing varifocals but then all of a sudden, things started to go a bit odd – the right side of my right eye was blurry and it was like my vision was split in one eye. I was also suffering from headaches and tiredness.

‘I tried some different lenses but that didn’t seem to improve the problem. Jasvinder at Specsavers gave me a peripheral vision test which he didn’t seem to like the look of, so referred me to Worthing Hospital.’

A scary but surreal experience

Worthing Hospital gave Tracy an MRI scan which confirmed that she had developed a brain tumour on the pituitary gland. She underwent a four-hour operation at St George’s Hospital in Tooting to remove the tumour, spending a total of 10 days in hospital, including two days in intensive care.

Tracy continues: ‘I would have gone blind and potentially died if this tumour hadn’t been discovered.

‘It was scary but also surreal, like it wasn’t happening to me. You always think that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen to you but this just goes to prove that it can happen to anyone. I’m now recovered and couldn’t be more grateful to Specsavers Worthing for all of their help – they saved my life.’

The importance of eye tests

Specsavers Worthing optometrist, Jasvinder Sarao says: ‘We were determined to help Tracy get to the bottom of all her symptoms, which weren’t obvious from the offset.

‘We’re relieved that she’s made a speedy recovery and would like to take this opportunity to remind people of how important it is for people to have regular eye tests. This just goes to show that anyone could have something potentially life-threatening, which might not have been discovered without a sight test.’

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