An optometrist from Specsavers in Worcester referred Emma Wall to hospital following a standard sight test, where she was later diagnosed with a neurological brain condition.


The 26-year-old mother of three was suffering with headaches and feeling unwell so she booked an eye test at Specsavers on Broad Street. Optometrist, Karam Bhohie, found scar tissue behind her eye during the test and made a referral to Kidderminster Hospital.

After further examination, she was found to have pressure behind her eye and was sent for an MRI at Worcestershire Royal. Results revealed that she was suffering from papilodema and idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

A word from the store

Karam said: ‘Many people don’t realise how important it is to have regular eye tests, and we hope that stories like this one show just how much can be revealed. I was simply doing my job; this is what I was qualified to do, and the impact the headaches were having on Emma’s day-to-day life was significant.

‘What came from Emma’s referral truly underlines the need for regular eye tests, regardless of whether you wear specs or contact lenses. This ties in well with World Sight Day that aims to raise awareness of blindness and visual impairment.’

Store director, Alan Richards said: ‘It’s encouraging to have a successful outcome when we refer customers to hospital. Picking up conditions like these early, improves the chances for effective treatment.'

The importance of regular eye tests

Regular sight tests are an important part of any routine health check. Eye examinations are not simply a prescription check, they offer an opportunity to monitor the health and condition of the eye, and can also pick up wider health problems.

Specsavers recommend that everyone, whether they wear glasses or not, should have their eyes tested at least every two years. 

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