It’s summer and the sun is getting his hat on. But with the sunshine and the new flowers blossoming around, the Met Office has given a warning that the pollen count in East Anglia will be ‘very high’.

With that in mind, opticians at Specsavers are suggesting that anyone who is having severe, eye-related symptoms should book an eye examination to help soothe them this summer.

Are you getting symptoms?

Itching, irritation and watery eyes – along with a reddening of the whites of the eyes – can cause the urge to rub one’s eyes excessively. This can in rare cases cause damage to the cornea.

Specsavers is able to offer ocular lubricants in the form of eye-drops or gels, as well as antihistamine and anti-inflammatory eye-drops. If your symptoms are so severe that you would benefit from being examined by an eye specialist, we can also arrange this.

Opticians is firsts port-of-call for eye symptoms

GPs will often refer patients to their opticians for eye-related issues, with most being resolved instore. We would therefore suggest that, if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, it may be more efficient to book an emergency appointment directly with your opticians first.

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