Many people will be heading abroad to find sunshine this winter while others will be hitting the ski slopes. With this in mind Specsavers in Woodbridge is urging locals to pack the right sunglasses.


Over-exposure can cause serious damage due to the ultra violet rays. Rays on the piste are heightened by glare, which occurs when light is intensified as it reflects off the shiny surface of the snow. A sandy beach or calm sea will have the same effect.


Specsavers director Ming Tye comments: ‘While most people know how important it is to keep skin protected from the sun, few realise how damaging UV rays can be to eyes. You can develop a painful form of sunburn called photokeratitis.

‘To protect eyes in snow it’s important to wear suitable glasses with a UV coating, sunglasses or goggles.’


If you have any doubt about the standard of your eye protection Specsavers Woodbridge can assess them in store.

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