Since Winton opened its doors over two months ago, the team has enjoyed meeting the community and in particular, promoting good eye health with children.

Why sight tests are important for children

Tom Finch, store director, explains: 'Eye tests with children are paramount. We suggest they come from the age of three upwards, or when they can identify letters, and we then like to see them every two years.

'Children learn a lot through vision in the classroom, so good sight will stop them following behind in their studies. We also look for other things too - mainly, the health of the eye and the blood vessells. Whilst very rare, more serious health issues can be picked up which is why a test is so important.'

Signs to look for

Alex Tomes, aged 11, came in for a regular sight test and his mum had no concerns about his vision. But if you spot any of the following, do book an examination for your child:

  • they complain about headaches, blurred or double vision
  • they have problems (or avoid) reading, writing and drawing
  • they sit close to the TV screen or screen up their eyes or frown when reading or watching telly
  • they are having problems concentrating at school
  • they have poor hand and eye coordination
  • they rub their eyes a lot when they are not tired
  • one eye turns in or out
  • they have a squint or lazy eye
  • they have watery eyes

Free under the NHS

An eye examination is free under the NHS for children under 16. Specsavers in Winton also stocks lots of amazing frames and the £64 and £85 frames are free for children AND you get a second pair for free.

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