The Specsavers team in Windsor is proud to be a Dementia Friendly store, as well as a safe house should anyone run into any problems in the town.

Having undertaken Dementia Friends training, an initiative run by the Alzheimer’s Society, staff become recognised as a Dementia Friend and wear a badge on their uniform to indicate an increased level of awareness.

About Dementia Friends

A Dementia Friend learns a little bit more about what it's like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action, from telling friends about Dementia Friends to visiting someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.

The store is also part of the town’s Alzheimer Association community support network. Should a sufferer wander into Windsor and find themselves lost, the store is a safe place for them to stay until they can be reunited with a caregiver or family member.

A word from the director

Rupal Patel, store director of Specsavers in Windsor, said: ‘It can often be difficult for those living with dementia to engage in the community, particularly when many people around them don’t understand the illness.

‘We’re proud to support the cause in any way we can, whether it’s a customer in store or as part of our role as a safe house in town.’

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