A Winchester optician made an important and potentially life-changing discovery, during an eye examination with a patient.

Signs of a stroke

70 year-old Dorothy Mackenzie went to Specsavers in Winchester after experiencing a severe migraine, but her visit became extraordinary when the optometrist noticed signs she may have suffered a stroke while examining her.

Dorothy says: ‘I’ve suffered from migraines since the age of 13 and one weekend, I had one which lasted for days. I already had an eye examination booked with Specsavers, so decided to see if they might know the reason for it.

‘The optician took a look and ended up referring me to Winchester Hospital for further examination, as he’d noticed a discrepancy. I was frightened as the thought of having eye surgery was terrifying. When the doctor told me I’d suffered a stroke, I was shocked – I thought the symptoms would be more obvious.’ 

Dorothy was kept in hospital for two days and was given blood pressure pills and blood thinning medication to ease the effects of the stroke.

National Eye Health Week

Specsavers Winchester store director Malini Barchha says: ‘We want to raise awareness of the importance of eye examinations over National Eye Health Week with Dorothy’s story.

‘It just goes to show how vital it is for people to get their eyes tested. Eye health professionals advise that you have a routine eye test at least once every two years – there could just be something that would otherwise go undetected.’

Dorothy continues: ‘I’ve been going along to Specsavers for around 20 years for eyecare and couldn’t be more grateful to them for their help. If they hadn’t raised the alarm and sent me for further medical tests, the consequences could have been far more severe. It just goes to show how important it is for people to go for regular eye examinations.’

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