Siobhan Fennel, store director at Specsavers in Whitstable, gives advice on how to best protect your eyes from hay fever symptoms this summer.

‘Symptoms of this pollen allergy, which include itchy red and water eyes, begin with the grass season in mid-May and can last through until early August.

‘Exposure to pollen grain can set off an allergic reaction as the conjunctiva (a transparent membrane covering the whites of the eye) becomes inflamed causing watery, red, itchy eyes. The whites of your eyes may swell up and you may also experience a gritty feeling in your eyes.

Variety of treatments available

‘There are many treatments available for you, including avoiding pollen – which means closing windows, avoiding parks or places with lots of pollen and wearing the right sunglasses – and taking antihistamines and anti-allergenic.

‘You should also try to avoid wearing contact lenses in hot, dry or dusty environment. If you are unsure about what to do or if your eyes are particularly bothering you, pop in for a chat and we’ll help you solve the situation!’

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