Summer is here and we've already enjoyed a heat-wave!  So keen to remind customers and residents in Weymouth to protect their eyes from UV damage is the local Specsavers team.

Pop on your shades

Yes, sunglasses help you avoid glare and also make you look very stylish!  But they have a very important health role - ensuring eyes are not damaged by UV rays.

Did you know.....

Says store director Stuart Totten: 'Over-exposure to UV rays causes painful irritation to the cornea at the front of the eye and in extreme circumstances, this can lead to cancer of the cornea, age related macular degeneration, cataracts and even blindness.’ 

Protection is paramount and this is where Specsavers in Weymouth can help.  The store stocks a fantastic range of frames that accomodate prescription lenses. 

Whatever your style and needs, you will find a pair of high quality sunglasses to suit you at Specsavers in Weymouth.

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