Team members from Specsavers West Wickham have undertaken Dementia training to help them better understand the needs of customers suffering from dementia.

Dementia Friends

The training tackles various different areas of the condition and, of particular significance to Specsavers, how senses like sight and hearing can be affacted by the condition.

Once trained, staff members become recognised Dementia Friends and are provided with a badge to wear on their uniforms that indicates their increased level of dementia awareness to customers.

Incorrect prescriptions

Those with dementia also commonly experience problems with sight and visual perception.

Research has suggested that almost half of dementia patients in care homes wear glasses with the wrong prescription, highlighting the necessity for staff members at Specsavers to be able to understand the needs of dementia-sufferers.

Vital Qualification

Lindsay Mfubisha, store director at Specsavers West Wickham said, 'This is an incredibly important qualification in ensuring that we are well-equipped to support the needs of our customers who suffer from dementia. It is a condition that is incredibly close to my heart and by becoming Dementia Friends, it will enable our members of staff to provide the compassionate and attentive service that people with dementia deserve.'

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