Specsavers Westway Cross at Westway Cross Shopping Park, Greenford, are backing a new Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) campaign to raise awareness of the need to protect your eyes in the summer.

To mark National Sunglasses Day in June, the charity launched the hashtag #shadesforsight to encourage people to tweet a picture of themselves with their sunglasses on.

Protect your eyes

Shaan Patel, store director at Westway Cross, said: ‘While many people see sunglasses as a fashion accessory, and they absolutely can be, they are actually a vital way of protecting our eyes from sun damage which could increase our risk of sight loss later in life.

‘Our advice would be to put your eye health first and choose a pair which comes with a safe level of UV protection to keep your sight as safe as possible this summer.’

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