During the winter months many people find themselves driving more and walking less.

With this in mind, Specsavers in Wellington is urging locals to wear the right glasses to be safer on the road.

Winter glare

Driving in the winter when the sun is low can be extremely dangerous, peripheral areas of vision can be blocked and cause brief moments of blindness.

Store director, Emma Davies, commented: ‘Quite often, glare causes eye fatigue for drivers as they strain to see the road ahead, but our anti-reflective coating can really help in reducing that glare.’

Specialist sunglasses

When the sun is low in the sky at this time of year it can be uncomfortably bright for drivers.

Emma adds: ‘Even though it’s winter, it’s always wise to have sunglasses to hand.

‘Here at Specsavers in Wellington we offer prescription and designer sunglasses to provide more protection against ultraviolet radiation and make the roads safer for everyone.’

Polarising lenses

Specialist polarising lenses and UltraDrive Night are designed to protect eyes from glare, which is triggered by direct or reflected light and is worsened when the sun is low in the sky.

Drivers may also experience glare from oncoming headlights or streetlamps when driving in the dark.

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