To mark World Glaucoma Week (11 – 17 March), the team from Specsavers in Wellington is encouraging members of the local community to get their eyes tested, especially if they have glaucoma in the family.

Early detection

Optometrists can detect signs of glaucoma by carrying out three simple tests - observing the main nerve in the eye, measuring the pressure in the eye (puff test) and checking peripheral vision.

Early detection means the condition can be monitored and future damage to vision minimised, which is why the residents of Wellington should pop into store for a sight test. It’s vital to highlight the importance of regular eye health checks as early detection, diagnosis and treatment can help to save vision. 

Facts and figures

Glaucoma is the most common cause of preventable blindness in the UK today. Research shows that close relatives of glaucoma sufferers are up to four times more likely to develop the sight-threatening condition than those without a family history of the disease.

An estimated 600,000 people in the UK have glaucoma, but at least half haven’t been diagnosed. Many are unaware that glaucoma can be hereditary and signs go unnoticed, especially in the early stages when there are often no symptoms. 

A word from the store director

‘Glaucoma can cause misty, patchy and blurred vision,’ says store director, Emma Davies.

‘Although, in some cases we have diagnosed glaucoma when customers haven’t experienced any symptoms at all.

‘The most common form of glaucoma is a slow progressive condition that can go unnoticed for several years, so it’s really important to have regular sight tests as the earlier it is caught and treated, the better the prognosis.’

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