Specsavers in Wellington offer a range of eye drops, heat masks and wipes to rehydrate eyes and help with conditions such as dry eye syndrome or blepharitis.

Eye drops

Hycosan eye drops are a simple solution for dry eyes. By helping the tear layer of the eye keep hydrated, they keep your eyes lubricated and can also help with the healing process after cataract surgery.

The preservative-free drops must be used within six months of opening and are available from Specsavers in Wellington from £9.99.

There’s no need to worry about how much solution you’re using with the COntinuous MOno Dose (COMOD) designed bottle, that delivers the same dosage each time.

Heat masks

The Wellington store also provide moist heat masks that include silicone beads as a heat compression. The mask needs to be left in the bag provided during the day to soak up moisture.

It takes less than a minute to heat up in the microwave and loosens oils in the eye lids and hydrates the ocular surface in just ten minutes. In the summer, heat masks can be frozen and used as a cold compress.


Store director, Satinder Sidhu, said: ‘We recommend using wipes after heat compression. The wipes that we have available in store contain a low concentration of tea tree oil to cleanse without stinging. Not only do the wipes safely clean your eyelids after heat compression, they also remove oils, bacteria and even make up.

‘All of our staff are trained in the use of eye drops and can help customers learn how to use them. Hycosan eye drops, heat masks and wipes are all available in store and if you need more support, the team are here to help.’

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