Now the new school year is in full swing and with half-term week on the horizon, Specsavers in Wellington is highlighting the importance of sight tests for children as they go back to school. 

Trouble with sight can be particularly difficult in a classroom and cause children to fall behind. Booking an appointment now while the term has just started could be a crucial factor in school performance.

Eye tests

Eye tests can detect eye conditions and general health issues before any signs are apparent. For many eye conditions there are no symptoms in the early stages and they could cause serious damage if left untreated. 

Sight is the sense that people fear losing the most and therefore Specsavers in Wellington believe that quality eyecare should be accessible for everyone. 

Back to school

Specsavers recommend that children have their first sight test by the age of three, before they start education. Children often find it difficult to communicate they are having trouble with their sight, making eye tests even more important when young.

Store director, Emma Davies, said ‘We believe that regular eye tests are vital for children and young adults in order to detect any issues from a young age. This is why we offer free sight tests for customers under the age of 18 at Specsavers in Wellington.’ 

Children in school spend a lot of time reading, writing, and looking at whiteboards from a distance. There has also been a recent increase in the amount of time school children will spend staring at a screen when using computers, laptops and tablets. 

Considering that your eyes do not necessarily hurt when something is wrong, regular sight tests for children should be a top priority.

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