If you are looking for a protective pair of sunglasses this spring, head down to Specsavers in Wellington.

Great offer

The Wellington store has a terrific range of frames with UV protection in store. The fashion collection of sunglasses features styles from designer brands including Kylie Minogue Eyewear, Karen Millen, Boss Orange and Balmain.

Sunglasses are also included in Specsavers' 2 for 1 offer, including prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. 

Emma Davies, store director at Specsavers Wellington said: ‘We have an amazing range of sunglasses in store, and our Digital Precision Eyecare system means that you are guaranteed a great fit too.’ 

Expert advice

Emma continued: ‘Many are unaware that throwaway fashion sunglasses could endanger sight more than not wearing sunglasses at all. 

‘This is because the dark lenses cause our pupils to widen and let more light in, but without the proper UV protection, this could increase the risk of developing certain eye conditions. We’ve provided some top tips on how to ensure your eyes stay safe from the sun this spring.’ 

Top tips

•    Check that your sunglasses have a CE kite mark and are UV400 certified
•    Even if you’re not in direct sunlight, UV rays can still be harmful through clouds so keep sunglasses on in cloudy but bright conditions
•    Wear sunglasses with contact lenses to make sure the whole eye is protected
•    Replace any damaged frames to make sure you are properly protected
•    Try to avoid the sun between 10am-2pm, as this is when the UV rays are strongest
•    Ensure your eyes are protected for short term exposure to UV rays and avoid excessive long-term exposure

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