Specsavers in Wellington offer a wide range of contact lenses and the team is encouraging local people to give them a go.

Contact lens options 

Millions of people across the UK are enjoying the clear and unobstructed vision offered by contact lenses, which are great for when glasses are not convenient or for a different look. 

New lens materials and designs have made contacts lenses more comfortable and easier to use than ever. Advances in design also means that even people with complex prescriptions can now wear them.

Specsavers offers a variety of types and brands of contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses make contacts hassle-free, while multifocal options ensure most prescriptions can be catered for. 

Free trials

‘It can be daunting putting lenses in for the first time, but our team is here to help,’ explained store director Emma Davies. 

‘We offer free trials for contact lenses where one of our qualified contact lens opticians will examine your eye surface and eyelids, the quality of your tears and the curvature and diameter of the cornea at the front of your eye.
‘We will discuss your requirements, find out about your lifestyle, how often and how long you want to wear your lenses, as well as any specific activities you wish to use them for, before offering a free trial of contact lenses if you are suitable for them.

‘We will also show you how to handle and clean the lenses as part of the free trial, so you can feel confident using them.’

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