Members of staff at Specsavers in Wellington plan to raise funds for the local homeless charity, Maninplace, in 2018 and would like the community to know more about what the charity do. 

In the beginning

Established in 2006, Maninplace set out to provide accommodation for those who were unable to access social housing and rental properties due to limited income and lifestyle. 

When it first opened there were just 15 places for accommodation. Today, there are 109 places, with six of them available every night for emergencies. This gives the team time to assess the person’s needs and create plans. 

How it works

People are referred to Maninplace by the police, social services, outreach teams and hospitals. The charity then provides emergency, temporary, supported and long-term accommodation with housing management services.

Maninplace is mainly funded by donations, sponsors and by working alongside the YMCA, the Salvation Army and STAY. 

Why it’s important

The average life expectancy of a person living on the streets is 46 years of age, whereas the national average life expectancy is 83 years of age.

‘After speaking to a representative from Maninplace, we were reminded how important it is to raise awareness and funds to fight homelessness,’ said store director, Emma Davies.

‘Maninplace does some really great work to help support homeless people in the local community and we are looking forward to working with the charity in the near future.’  

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