Working at Specsavers opticians in Wellingborough has helped save Eva Gotch’s sight.

20-year-old Eva has been working at Specsavers in the Swansgate Shopping Centre for the last five years, and is currently studying for her dispensing optician qualification. 

Aware of the importance of eye examinations – both in terms of corrective vision but also general health - Eva was quick to seek the advice of one of the store’s optometrists, Dipesh Patel, when she started to experience bad headaches a few weeks ago. 

This prompt action ultimately has helped ensure Eva has saved her sight.

‘Dipesh used a digital retinal camera to take a picture of the back of the eye, which showed that I had some swelling on the discs on both my eyes,’ says Eva.  ‘Because of my symptoms he was immediately concerned and referred me straight away to the Northampton Hospital.’

After undergoing tests at the hospital, Eva was told that she had a 99% chance of having intracranial hypertension (high pressure inside the skull). 

As a result she’s undergone a lumbar puncture to remove the excess fluid and is now recovering well.

‘A career in optics proved to be the right choice for me – in more ways than one,’ continues Eva.  ‘We do see cases where eye examinations pick up life or sight threatening conditions, so I’m more than aware of just how important it is to see an optician regularly.’

‘When Eva told me about her symptoms the alarm bells rang straight away,’ says Dipesh – who started working for the Wellingborough store on Saturdays seven years ago while he was at school, before going on to study optometry.

‘Her case, although it’s rare, really does show how important regular eye examinations are.   We advise all our customers to get their eyes tested every two years, unless they’re experiencing any problems like Eva, in which case they should come in sooner.’

To book an eye examination contact the Wellingborough store or call 01933 228600.