A local woman has praised Specsavers in Watford for helping to save her sight.

Eye problem

At the end of June Maggie Jaggard, a Hertfordshire resident in her late 50s, noticed there was something not quite right with the vision in her left eye. At first she thought she may have something in it but as it didn't clear she made an appointment to see her doctor and was referred to an eye clinic. Her symptoms did not improve over the next week, in fact she thought her vision had got worse, so Maggie made an appointment at Specsavers in Watford.

Instant referral

Dominique Wong, optometrist at Specsavers in Watford, says: ‘Ms Jaggard had called the store to describe what she was experiencing and was given an immediate appointment. After examining her eye and asking my colleague to confirm my diagnosis, we advised her to go straight to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. She says: ‘I do not know what was written in my referral letter but I was fast tracked for attention as soon as I arrived. I knew there was something wrong but I did not realise severity of the problem or that I was potentially in danger of losing my sight completely in that eye.' The following day Maggie underwent surgery to have the retina repaired and reattached.

Incredibly grateful

Maggie now feels indebted to the work of Specsavers and says: ‘This experience has made me realise how little I knew about eye health or how much opticians can pick up about both a person’s ocular and general health through a thorough eye examination. Although I have regular eye tests, as there is a history of glaucoma in my family, I had no idea complications like this could occur without any previous trauma such as a bang to the head.

If it wasn’t for the discovery by Specsavers, the prompt referral to Moorfields Eye Hospital and the treatment I received there, I would have lost the vision in my left eye within a very short space of time. ‘The service, care and attention I received from Specsavers has been outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.’

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