Members of a local Diabetes UK support group were treated to a talk about eye health from Specsavers in Warminster on Thursday 27 October. 

Magda Everett, lead optician at the Warminster and Frome stores, spoke to the group about how diabetes can affect sight, how diabetes screening works and the importance of regular sight tests as part of a general health check-up. 

Staying on top of eye health

‘This visit was a great opportunity to talk to the group about how diabetes can affect vision and how regular eye examinations can detect issues linked with the condition,’ Magda commented. ‘There are more than 3 million diabetes sufferers in the UK alone and approximately 30% of diabetics will develop some sort of diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blindness.

‘If detected early, diabetic retinopathy can be prevented in many cases, so we can’t stress enough how important is to stay on top of your eye health.’

The talk finished with a Q&A session before goody bags were handed out to everyone who attended, including products from Scope Opthalmics. 

Eye opening talk

Lynne Merrett, Chair of the Warminster Diabetes group, added: ‘It was a real pleasure to receive a visit from Magda. Her talk was a real eye opener (excuse the pun) and very informative. Our group allows those with diabetes in the local area to get together and offer support and advice, and we often welcome speakers to come and share key information such as this. Thank you again to Magda and Specsavers.’ 

Diabetes UK is UK charity that funds research and offers support to people suffering with diabetes. To find out more, go to   

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