Specsavers in Wakefields' insistence on referring a customer to hospital has saved a Wakefield man from losing his vision.

Immediate referral

A suspected retinal detachment was spotted on Brian Mynott’s right eye by an optician at Specsavers Wakefield, who then immediately referred him to the eye department based at St James's University Hospital. After further inspection, a macular hole (a small gap that opens up at the centre of the retina and causes blurred and distorted vision) was detected, which often affects people aged 60-80.

Brian, a retired trauma specialist, had not attended an earlier eye test in the year due to his wife’s illness but felt his vision was worsening so attended his routine eye examination in December.

'Dealt with efficiently'

He said: ‘I arrived for the eye examination and had all the usual eye tests done. The optician said I had a raised area on my retina, she was very calm and didn’t scare me and simply explained she would like my right eye further investigated. I was dealt with efficiently and in a friendly manner.

'I felt confused but when I went to the clinic the doctor explained I could have gone blind and was very pleased and relieved that it was picked up by Specsavers in the earlier stages.'

A word from the optometrist

Anim Razzak, the optometrist treating him, said: ‘The eye examination showed that Brian had a retinal tear. I therefore had to act quickly to get him seen at a specialist eye unit as soon as possible. His condition, if left untreated, would have caused Brian to lose his sight. Brian is a clear example of why it is so important to have regular eye exams.’

Brian is now been monitored at St James's University Hospital by a specialist and is attending routine check-ups. He may need laser treatment if the condition worsens.

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