The team at Specsavers in Uxbridge has been raising funds for charity, RNIB and would like to say a thank you to customers for their support.

£150 raised
Customers helped raise money for this great charity by donating money via the in-store collection tins and for repair services to their frames.  Parents also gave small donations for their child to receive a free High Viz jacket - an important winter wear item that helps children remain visible during the dark, winter nights.

Store gets kitted out in brand colours!
The team also donned the store with lots balloons and wore clothes of teal and green colours for the duration of the event that took place on 19th September to 26th September.  The event was held in honour of National Eye Health Week, an initiative that aims to transform the nation's eye health through education, awreness and action.

Ophthalmic director Michael Wong says: "Awareness about eye health can help to reverse worrying eye health trends that are putting unnecessary pressure on the health service and placing a massive burden on the public purse. Through early detection, we can help save a person's vision so we want to remind residents of Uxbridge to put 2 year eye examinations top off their radar."

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