Hay fever is a nuisance anyway, but if you wear contact lenses you might find it even more irritating than usual.

Fortunately, the team at Specsavers Uxbridge in Chequers Square, The Pavilions Shopping Centre, are here to help.

Contact lens worries

Ekta Kumar, store director in Uxbridge, said: ‘Hay fever can cause itchy, red and watery eyes, and while that would be annoying for all of us, it can be particularly difficult if you wear contact lenses.

‘It can make your vision less sharp, as well as making it uncomfortable for you to wear your lenses for as long as you might usually.

Eye drops could help

‘If you are struggling, you should try some lens friendly eye drops, and if all else fails it might be worth switching to your glasses until the pollen count falls.

'If you do not currently use daily disposable lenses, these might also make your life a little easier.’

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